Mission Trips


In August of 2010, Rev. Peter Le Hong Phuc led a mission trip to Eastern Europe.  We were able to visit five countries in Europe (Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, and Slovakia).  There are large Vietnamese communities in Germany and Czech Republic.  We visited and witnessed to many Vietnamese people in different markets in these countries. 

Before we went witnessing in Czech Republic, some people in a local church had told us that it would be a miracle if we could bring a Vietnamese person in Czech Republic to Christ since the Vietnamese people in Czech Republic are only interested in making money.  But they were stunned and gave praises to God when several Vietnamese people opened their hearts to hear the Gospel and 30 people accepted Christ as their Savior.  The harvest in Czech Republic is so plentiful.  The new believers will have a tremendous influence on the Vietnamese community in Czech Republic.   Please also pray for 36 people who accepted Christ in Germany and many more who heard the Gospel.  There were a total of 143 people heard the Gospel, and 66 people accepted Christ.    
The members from the mission team are setting aside a few minutes at 12 pm each day to pray for the new believers and the mission field in Europe.  Please join us if you have time. 

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